Pop therapy is a blog about psychology, life etc…bringing you the lighter side of psychology to help you better understand your world.

Jemma Doley is a Sydney Psychologist, Consultant, Coach and Mediator, specialising in the areas of mental health in the workplace, workplace bullying, psychological injury, vocational counselling and consulting.  With counselling experience in the areas of Corporate Wellness, Disability, Drug and Alcohol, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD, Jemma is now embarking in further studies, through completion of a Masters Degree in Coaching Psychology.
With a passion for coaching and positive psychology, Jemma is set to change the world, one blog post at a time!!

Contact Jem

  • Are you interested in finding out more about coaching?  Currently completing a Masters in Coaching Psychology, Jemma is an experienced coaching psychologist who can help you to set goals, achieve your dreams and develop your self awareness and ability to see bigger perspectives.
  • Are you looking for workshop facilitation for your work place?  Pop Therapy run short workshops on developing resilience, mindfulness, workplace wellbeing and dealing with aggressive clients.  Contact us for additional information!
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  • Are you interested in specific topics you would like to see featured on pop therapy?
  • Would you like further information about any of the posts you’ve read so far?

Send me an email!! jemmadoley@hotmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of camera do you use for your posts?
I use a Canon EOS 700

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