Skin care

My Skincare Routine

I’ve had a lifelong battle with my skin, but feel like I’ve finally found a routine that works for me.  I thought by the age of 30, things would be easy, but unfortunately I have combination skin, that is very sensitive, and prone to breakouts if I use any kind of moisturiser…and I mean any!!  Over the years I have tried every type of moisturiser, whether it be labelled “non-comedogenic”, a cream, a gel, a lotion, whatever it is, it will still block my pores.  I’ve tried every brand and every price range, but still have the same problem!!

Here are a few key things I’ve learned to help keep my skin clear:

  •  I use  a very gentle cleanser….when I’ve switched to harsher cleansers, I then suffer from breakouts.
  • At night time, I use an oil or serum, not a lotion or cream
  • I avoid harsh sunscreens, and use an oil-free sunscreen specially for the face, or try and avoid the sun or always wear a hat instead.
  • Twice a week, I exfoliate, using a very gentle exfoliant, and use a clay mask, to keep my pores from clogging up.
  • I drink lots of water! (Luckily this is a habit I have always had).

This is what I use:

Nighttime:  Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, followed by Aesop Fabulous Face Oil. I also regularly use Cetaphil cleanser as it’s super gentle and also extremely cheap!!  The only downside I’ve found with Cetaphil is that it won’t remove all makeup – the Fresh cleanser seems to leave my face feeling cleaner without over stripping it!!  Aesop Fabulous Face Oil can also be a bit expensive, so as an alternative, I also find plain Rosehip oil works really well for me.

Morning:  Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, followed by Clinique Sheer City Block, Daily SPF Face Protector, Oil Free.  If I’m going straight to work and unlikely to be in the sun, I will use no moisturiser, or a very light serum.

Twice a week:  I exfoliate with Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant…which is a really gentle, powder based scrub.  I then use this soothing chamomile mask from Aesop…it feels cool and soothing, and hardens to a clay like texture…I leave it on for 10, then remove.

For breakouts, I use this spot cream by Ella Bache, and have found it to be one of the best I’ve tried.  It feels really soothing, and works quickly…even on those under the surface pimples.

So there it is!!  A simple routine, but it works for me….when I’ve tried to add additional steps (ie, using a toner), I often find this results in more breakouts, so simple is best for me.  What are your all time favourite skincare products?

mac fast response

Beauty Review: Mac Fast Response Eye Cream

Now that I’m a sleep deprived mother, the dark circles under my eyes seem to be getting darker by the day!!  I decided I needed a new eye cream to try and create the illusion of a good night’s sleep (which I may not get again for many years!!).

I’ve tried a few different eye creams over the years but wanted something that specifically addressed circles and puffiness and had heard good things about Mac Fast Response Eye Cream.  It’s $55 AUD which is pretty reasonable compared to other eye creams.

The texture feels nice, and it makes a great primer for concealer (which I also need a lot of!!).  After putting it on in the morning, I definitely notice decreased puffiness and less of my signature under eye circles.

It contains caffeine, which as well as helping us feel awake, also is a power ingredient in eye creams for dark circles.

I will definitely keep using it!!  What are your go-to “make me look like I’ve slept eight hours” products? Do you have a favourite eye cream?

beautycollage copy

Best quick fix beauty buys

These are some of my favourite quick fix beauty buys for those days when I’m not feeling so fab!!  I know I seem to have a red theme going on here, but red lips or nails have a way of making me feel instantly put together (even when I’m not!!).

1.  Aesop Primrose cleaning masque – great for combatting spots and redness

2.  Lush bathbomb – yes it looks hideous, but its full of bubbles and smells delicious!

3.  Essie nailpolish in really red – it’s really red!!

4.  Nars velvet lip pencil in Dragon Girl – goes on like a dream and has serious staying power – no liner needed!

5.  Reference of Sweden Argan Oil – apply every time hair is wet to help combat frizz and smooth hair

6.  The tangle teezer – best. hairbrush. ever.  Another hideous looking product that is seriously awesome.

7.  Paw Paw ointment – old favourite for hydrated lips, hands etc – nothing beats it, especially in Winter.  Also great for various baby skin concerns.

8.  Bodyshop foot file – to slough those hooves

9.  Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant – powder based exfoliant that’s gentle but seriously brightens

What are your favourite “drab to fab” products?